Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions

How does the project reduce admin?

When speaking to our customers, the most frequesnt negative about running the project was how time-comsuming it was to collect payments and to fill out the paperwork. To remedy this, we've moved the collecting of payments away from the school by introducing an online shop for parents to order and make payment. Not only does this mean you, as the organiser, no longer have to handle cash and cheques, but it also means the the system can calculate the orders - meaning you no longer have to fill out any paperwork.

How does the project work?

1) Book your space to take part and we will be in touch with you about your key project dates 2) Receive your project pack at the start of Autumn term, plus your portal login details 3) Get the crayons and paint out and start creating your artworks. Once the artworks are complete stick a unique artwork label onto the reverse 4) Send artworks home to families and direct them to They will then need to input the code found on the label stuck on the reverse of their child's artwork.Parents will be able to modify the cards by adding a personalised greeting 5) Collect the artwork from parents who have placed an order and dispatch them to us for scanning 6) We will transform the artworks into the printed items and ordered and send them all back, along with the children's artwork on the estimated disaptch date agreed For more details, please get in touch with our friendly customer service team on 0800 027 1939 or email

Does the project cost the school any money to complete?

No! We will handle all payments and send the fundraising amount to the school once the project is complete.

Can I use any materials to produce our artworks?

Yes! Unlike some other suppliers, we scan all artworks individually, which ensures not only a higher quality print, but also means there are no limitations in artwork materials. The only medium we advise against is glitter or highly reflective materials as it doesn't always reproduce very well. Please visit our Artwork Guidelines for more information.

Will late or repeat orders be accepted?

Please get in touch with our customer service team if you need to place a later order. Please do not send late artworks via post or email as they will not be processed. Reorders can be placed via the online shop using the unique artwork code on the reverse of the artwork.


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